Vision Party

Group of Black women sitting around tables, raising their hands and smiling as they engage in a vision session.

When: December 10, 2023 @ 12-2PM

Where: The Drip Community Cofee House, 3615 Potomac St. St. Louis, MO 63116




Issa Party!

This Vision Party is designed for all women - especially those leading change - and is all about celebrating vision, dreams, and of course… audacity! As a Vision Coach (read more about me below), I've been itching to throw a Vision Party during what I like to call "visioning season."I know, I know, vision board parties are all the rage. But guess what? This Vision Party takes it a step further. We're going beyond the traditional vision board.

I'm thrilled to guide participants through my unique visioning framework to activate their audacity, unlock your boldest dreams, and discover tools and habits to bring those dreams to life. 💭

All of this will take place in a cozy and revolutionary coffee shop owned by two amazing Black women.


What you can expect

Vibes and substance

We'll have all the fun things like games, photo ops, and giveaways. And we'll also have a lot of substance. We will dive deep into the mindsets and practices you'll need to start living into your vision right away.


🖼️ Beyond Vision Boards

We’ll dive deep into the art of visualization, exploring different creative avenues to illustrate your dreams.


✂️Materials included!

You'll receive everything you need to turn your audacious vision into a tangible, powerful work of art.

And, you'll leave with your own Vision Box that includes a copy of the She had the audacity Visioning Workbook and other tools to help you live out your vision.


And more!

We will enjoy refreshments, warm drinks, and the affirming company of other changemaking women.


So mark your calendars, grab your besties, and prepare to experience the magic of "visioning season" in its full glory.

✨Stay tuned for more updates, and let's make this Vision Party one for the books. Get ready to dream audaciously and bring those visions to life!



Obviously, a seat at this party is worth a lot! But I want you there, regardless of your financial status (especially since this economy is trippin).

So, tickets are donation based! The suggested donation is $22 - the cost of my Visioning Workbook. And there's even a suggested 'discounted' price of $57 for a group of 3!

Invest more, or invest less. Whatever feels right for you.

Now there's really no reason not to spend one afternoon dreaming with some other audacious baddies!


About your guide for the afternoon

Hi! My name is Jessica Wernli. I am a Vision Coach and audacious Black girl. I guide women in uncovering their vision all year round.

It's my jam.

I even wrote a workbook that outlines my visioning process. Long story short, I'm a vision nerd 🤓.

About 6 years ago, I went through my own visioning process. I had a good job and a great boss, but I knew there was more for me to manifest. So, I took 2 weeks off from work and went through some deep self-reflection to uncover what I really wanted. Part of what I uncovered was the desire to start my own business. I started attracting what I had envisioned, and a couple of short months later, I received a contract that was large enough to cover my first 2 years as a consultant! So I filed my LLC papers and the rest is history.

Now, I help changemaking women do the same - uncovering their audacious visions and acting like a magnet to attract them into reality. Whether it be a "big" shift like running for office or getting a promotion, or something that seems "smaller" like returning to some of your childhood passions or setting boundaries, I can help you walk into your next season with clarity, alignment, and audacity.


Click here to learn more about me and my brand, She had the audacity.