Hello and welcome!

My name is Jessica Wernli. I am a Vision Coach, facili-trainer, and entrepreneur living in St. Louis, MO. 

You may be wondering, what She had the Audacity all about... Well, let me tell you!

I created the She had the Audacity brand to inspire change making Black and Brown women to uncover, affirm, and manifest their vision. 

With roots in community organizing, I understand the importance of the organizing principle “the revolution starts within” and I am passionate about helping change making women ignite their own internal revolution.

I am convinced that the road to freedom for all starts with an internal revolution among the Black and brown women who are leading change. We are carrying the heavy load of freedom fighting. We are leading change and making things happen

When we see something that needs to get done, we are the first to raise our hands to lead. 

However, we are often 'making things happen' at the expense of our own health, happiness, and freedom. When we disregard our vision for ourselves, we fall into a new form of slavery.

Black and brown women need to have the audacity to prioritize and seek our own freedom too.

We need to give ourselves permission to follow our passion, protect our peace, and enjoy abundance. 

We need to remind ourselves that freedom isn't just for others; it's for us too.


More than apparel

She had the Audacity includes workshops, 1-1 coaching, and even a podcast! Visit my website to learn more.


What is a change making woman?

Change making women, or who I like to refer to as Head Bosses in Change, are women who seek to create positive change and fight for freedom in their workplace, community, church, or wherever they take up space. 

She may be organizing an issue campaign, leading a new initiative, promoting DEI within her organization, teaching financial literacy, encouraging her neighbors to vote, etc. Or she may just be seeking ways to support her community.

So, whether you are are social worker, activist, nonprofit executive, corporate DEI officer or elected official, or a person who is purpose-centered... the She had the Audacity brand is all about you! 


Let's connect!

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also book a free discovery call with me to talk more about how I can support your journey!