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She had the audacity was created by a Black woman to affirm, inspire, and celebrate women as they

  • take up space,
  • pursue freedom,
  • and accept abundance. 

Explore the site for all of the ways you can step into and show off your audacity!

Visioning Workshops

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More Audacity tools and inspo


Whether you are are social worker, activist, nonprofit executive, corporate DEI officer or elected official, I can help you uncover your audacious vision so that you can live with intention!

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She had the audacity Podcast

My She had the Audacity podcast is designed to help you live more audaciously! Found on Spotify and wherever you stream your podcasts.

These timeless episodes include the Beyond Self-Care series, 6 Signs its time to Make your Big Move series, and Making room for Manifestation.

I drop podcast episodes like a Beyonce' album - out of nowhere when the spirit moves me. Be sure to follow so you catch when the latest episodes drop!

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