College + Grad Edition

My specialty is supporting people through pivotal moments and life transitions.



I am excited to share that I have revamped my offerings to serve students as they prepare to transition to and from college!



These offerings are designed to help college students and new grads step boldly into their next chapter, taking them from feeling











Ready and excited

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Sessions are typically 90-120 minutes long and can be tailored to fit your group's needs.


MANIFEST IT: College Edition

A visioning workshop designed to help college students make the most of their college experience.


On an NBC News Today Show segment, 2023 graduates shared what they regret about their time in college. A lot of them had to do with wasting time due to being unsure of what they wanted, and many expressed the difficulty of choosing a major.


I get it!

With outside opinions, expectations, and comparisons, being clear and confident about which direction to go can be a challenge. Students want to make the right choice so that they don’t have regrets - but what is the “right” choice?

This challenge doesn’t end [or start] with college.

With a continued lack of clarity, college regrets can turn into early career regrets, and those can turn into later career regrets.

This life is one big discovery process. We’re all trying to figure it out.

Learning how to better navigate that process can help students save time, energy, sanity… and eliminate regrets.

We can make decisions faster and with more confidence when we learn how to:

  • Listen to your inner voice + block out the noise
  • Identify what’s *most important* to you + use it as your anchor
  • Uncover your vision + keep it front and center
  • Affirm and protect the above

This discovery process is not a one-time thing.

Manifest It: college edition will equip students with tools for ongoing self-discovery so they can find clarity and confidence at each critical turning point they find themselves in.

Participants will uncover their audacious personal vision and explore how to make the most of their college experience toward that vision.


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MANIFEST IT: Grad Edition

A visioning workshop for upcoming and recent grads.

Graduation time can be filled with a mix of emotions.

It can come with a sense of pride, excitement, and relief and also some anxiety, pressure, and fear.

When I first graduated, I remember feeling so anxious and rushed to land my first job. I felt like I needed to have something to show for all of that hard work.

The pressure I felt had me rushing through a pivotal moment that could have also been used for reflection and rest to prepare and ground myself for what was to come.

MANIFEST IT: Grad Edition will equip upcoming and recent grads to successfully navigate this major life transition and make the most of this moment.


The Workshop will:

  • Inspire them to dream big and go after what they want
  • Ground them in what’s most important
  • Affirm them as they become clear and confident about what’s next


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Prices vary depending on number of people, tailoring the session for your group, travel, etc. - so let's talk!
Bonus: Ask me about how to add to the fun by surprising your group with Visioning Workbooks or Vision Boxes!